Ode to David Tennant by Minuoki

the bitch is back

Between the planets, through the times
You’re flying there into the space.
You’re shining brighter than all stars –
The sun in day, the moon at night!

And you have hundreds different masks!
How can we know, where your face is?
You’re Time Lord, prince and even wizard,
You’ve got our hearts into your prison.

Your secret smile is perfect weapon
To make afraid and make feel love.
Your eyes like guns - they shoot by signals,
That order smile, then turn to cry.

You're devil with a perfect haircut,
You're angel in a sexual kilt.
You're ice and flame, like RTD said,
Ideal hero for a kid.

You're more than the timelord and the doctor,
You're man that carried out a dream.
Wish you to live non-stop dreaming,
'Cause all you dreams are just a hit!

It can’t be true you live on the Earth –
You’ve come from dreams! Present of gods!

The most incredible of men!
We’ll write in history your name –
Next generations won’t forget
Master of scene –David the Great!

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@темы: David Tennant, мое, стихотворения

2011-06-01 в 06:07 

The only one standing in the way of your happiness is you (c)

2011-06-01 в 14:45 

the bitch is back
Donna [Oi!] Noble - Rude, ginger, awesome Я тут разбирала заметки и решила вытащить это сюда)

2011-06-02 в 11:47 

Оууу, как великолепно **

Отправьте это Дэвиду ;)

2011-06-02 в 11:52 

Ты должен принять феназепам, а не темную сторону, малыш
ой а где можно найти отдельно это фото Дэвида?
мои аплодисменты стихотворению *__*

2011-06-02 в 13:00 

the bitch is back
Elkomie обязательно отправлю!:)

~Maeve~ оригинал:

2013-04-20 в 07:57 

working as a TARDIS repair technician
стихотворение прекрасно :inlove:

2013-04-20 в 17:42 

the bitch is back
Нелиссия, спасибо)

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